For over 20 years we've been battling with the deer. Now, with DeerPro, we have total deer protection. We couldn't be more satisfied.

— Ted & Laurette Prema
Redding, CT

DeerPro Spring & Summer

Long lasting. Each application provides 4–6 weeks of protection for plants and new growth, even with rain or irrigation.

No offensive smell. DeerPro Spring & Summer has a lightly discernable, unoffensive odor.

Invisible protection means gardens look great. Our advanced sticking agent dries clear. An added benefit: It not only protects plants from deer, it helps to hold moisture in the plant, reducing the need for water, and increasing drought resistance during the hot summer months.

Your landscape professional’s application routine frees you, the homeowner, from planning your schedule around rainy weather — you can enjoy summer travels worry free.

Deer Pro Winter Animal Repellent

With DeerPro™ Winter Animal Repellent even starving deer will not eat your treated shrubs. Your landscape professional will deliver the longest lasting deer repellent on the market and does not need to be reapplied in the snow and ice of winter. DeerPro provides you with six months of protection ― one spray as early as October will still be protecting shrubs into early spring. DeerPro has a colorant that tones down the look of the product yet protects the plants through the winter.

Tell your landscape professional that you want them to use DeerPro to protect your landscape.

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