DeerPro™: Easy sell, easy to apply. Application Instruction videos and
marketing tools and support are
available for the professional applicator.

DeerPro Repellents: Easy to Sell, Easy to Apply

With unfailing dedication to product quality, attentive service and customer relations, Sean and James McNamara have built a solid customer base for the DeerPro™ services they offer through their family business: Redding Nursery. Over the years it has grown into one of the largest deer repellent businesses in the country. Now, in selling their products professionally, they bring the same reliability and dedication to you, the DeerPro Commercial Applicator.

We know that your success is key to the broader success of the DeerPro line, and as our business expands we plan to develop new ways to support your marketing efforts: door hangers; e-marketing tools.

The following resources have been developed and are offered to you, our professional customer:

  • 100 product sheets, mailed upon request. Your business card can be affixed to the sheet (August and September are the perfect times to market the winter product - February and March for the spring/summer product.)
  • Instructional videos for the winter product are available online, or on CD (call or email your request)
  • A toll-free telephone number is provided for questions and consultation: 877-486-3337. The deer problem is wide and varied across the U.S., and we are happy to share our expertise with you. Your call will be returned promptly.
Marketing Materials

Call today, we welcome your questions! Your feedback and ideas are most valuable. Toll Free: 877-486-3337

DeerPro is a professional strength repellent that can only be purchased and applied by licensed professionals. To view the label and more detailed information, Click here.

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