"I tried the summer formula of Deer Pro and … IT DOES WORK! I treated three locations that were monitored for deer activity by the homeowners. All reported amazing results."

Tracy Powell
JP's Tree Service, Michigan

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DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent is for sale and use by licensed professionals only.



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DeerPro is available for commercial use only. It is sold in 5 gallon containers of concentrate. You add two parts water to one part concentrate to make the finished spray. Each 5 gallon container of concentrate makes 15 gallons of mixed spray.

Toll-Free DeerPro Line: (877) 486-DEER (877) 486-3337

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5 Gallons
DeerPro Winter
5 gal. $315ea
Makes 15 gal. of Mixed Spray
New DeerPro Spring/Summer

5 Gallons
New DeerPro Spring/Summer
5 gal. $395ea
Makes 40 gal. of Mixed Spray
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DeerPro is a professional strength repellent that can only be purchased and applied by licensed professionals. To view the label and more detailed information, Click here.

Tell your landscape professional that you want them to use DeerPro to protect your landscape.

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Toll-Free DeerPro Line:
877-486-DEER (3337)

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